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3 Features That Make Frame Scaffolding A Popular Choice

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If you have passed by a construction site, chances are that you have seen a frame scaffolding system in action. Frame scaffolding is a unique type of scaffolding that is constructed using round sections of metal pipe to create a frame along the exterior wall of a building. Work platforms are then attached to this frame.

Frame scaffolding has many unique features that have helped to make it one of the most popular pieces of equipment on modern construction sites. Learn more about the advantages of using frame scaffolding so that you can benefit from these advantages in the future.

1. Frame Scaffolding Is Versatile

Versatility is an important aspect of any frame scaffolding system. The simple design of the framework makes it possible to customize the size of the scaffolding to meet your needs.

You can utilize a single tier of frame scaffolding to clean windows, or you can stack several tiers on top of one another to access higher work areas. It is this versatility that allows frame scaffolding to serve the needs of contractors working on a wide range of construction projects.

Investing in a single-frame scaffolding system will provide you with the equipment needed to complete a variety of construction tasks over time.

2. Frame Scaffolding Is Affordable

Cost is a major concern for any contractor. The lower the cost of construction, the more profit will remain in a contractor's pocket once the project is complete. Frame scaffolding can provide you with an affordable way to access vertical work areas. Frame scaffolding is constructed using basic materials like metal pipe and wood. These materials are easy to source and tend to be affordable. There is no need to invest in any specialized hoists or lift mechanisms when you rely on a simple frame scaffolding system to meet your needs.

3. Frame Scaffolding Is Mobile

Any scaffolding system that you use on a construction site will need to be taken down and transported to a new site once the building is complete.

Frame scaffolding is considered highly mobile because of the simplicity of its design. It doesn't take long to take frame scaffolding down or to set this type of scaffolding up on a new construction site. The fact that all individual elements that make up a frame scaffolding system can be taken apart so that your scaffolding equipment can be transported using a basic utility trailer adds to the mobility of this scaffolding.

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