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5 Types Of Products An Industrial Electrical Supplier May Offer

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Businesses that require industrial electrical products need to buy them from a reliable, trustworthy supplier. During your search, look for industrial electrical distributors that provide an assortment of supplies ranging from cables and wires to advanced automation systems. Make sure your supplier offers quality products at competitive prices, plus helpful advice for businesses looking for the right solutions for their needs. When you find the right industrial electrical distributor for your company's supplies, here are five types of products you might find.

1. Cables and Wires

Businesses often use cables and wires throughout the building. When you visit an industrial electrical supplier in person or online, check for high-grade cables and wires for various applications, including:

  • data transmission
  • power distribution
  • signal control
  • telecom networks

You may also need cables and wires for other tasks, such as internet or computer networks. Don't worry if you aren't sure exactly what you need. The right supplier can help you find products that are compatible with your systems.

2. Connectors and Terminals

Connectors and terminals are essential components for joining cables and wires together in electrical systems. Your industrial electrical distributor should provide a wide assortment of reliable connectors and terminals for various applications, such as:

  • circuit boards
  • solenoid valves
  • sensors and switches
  • electrical control systems

Talk to an industrial electrical supplier about all of your connection needs so that you can get reliable, resilient equipment.

3. Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Businesses often consume or generate a lot of power. Breaker boxes with circuit breakers or fuses are designed to protect against overloads in commercial settings. This helps prevent safety violations, such as unexpected power surges or sudden outages. Your industrial electrical supplier should offer circuit breakers and fuses that are compatible with your system, as well as any accessories you might need, such as cords and connectors.

4. Automation Systems

Many companies have implemented automation systems to streamline their processes and reduce the amount of manual labor employees perform. Robust automation systems include motor controls, sensors, and other components used in industrial processes such as manufacturing or packaging operations. Stock up on these supplies from a trusted electrical supplier that specializes in industrial items.

5. Lighting Solutions

It's difficult — and perhaps even impossible — for employees to work in dark or dimly lit areas. It's also unsafe, as employees may cut themselves or trip over cords and equipment. Shop for a range of lighting solutions from industrial electrical distributors. These lighting solutions are often tailored to specific environments, such as hazardous areas or outdoor areas exposed to harsh weather conditions like snowfall or high winds. This helps your team stay safe all year long.