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2 Tips For Preparing Your Company's Old Transformers For Recycling

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If your factory or warehouse is currently installing new equipment or replacing parts in existing machines, you may have collected a rather large pile of old transformers. Because you do not want to simply throw them away, you may be thinking about scraping them for some extra money.

However, while you could take the full transformers to the recycling center, you would probably not get as much money as you would if you prepared the scrap metal beforehand. Below are a couple of things you can do to get your company's old transformers ready for recycling that could yield a higher payout for the pieces. 

1.  Use a Magnet To Help Determine the Type of Material From Which the Transformer Is Constructed

One thing you can do to prepare the transformers for recycling is to determine what type of metal from which they are constructed. This step will allow you to separate the individual metals into separate piles for easier processing once you take them to the scrap yard.

To get an idea of the metal type, use a magnet on each piece. If the magnet sticks, it is most likely steel. If not, the metal is probably an aluminum alloy.

When using a magnet, make sure you use a large one with a strong magnetic pull. This is especially important for thicker pieces of metal that may be able to resist a weaker magnet, giving you a false result.

2.  Identify and Detach Any Copper Pieces and Wires To Help Maximize Your Payment for the Scrap

Once you have determined which pieces of the transformers are aluminum and/or steel, the next thing you should do is to further separate any copper. Since copper yields a higher payout, especially when other materials and metals are removed from it, it needs to have its own pile.

If the transformers are old and have dirt or rust on them, you can try to determine which pieces are copper using a file. Lightly scrape the surface with the file to see if it has the characteristic reddish color of copper. If you have any doubts about a piece, set it aside to have the recycling center determine whether or not it is copper.

If you plan on scrapping your old transformers for cash at a recycling center, taking the time to determine the type of metal from which they are constructed as well as separating the copper from other metals could yield you a higher payout for each piece of scrap metal. If you need additional guidance on preparing the scrap metal or have further questions, contact a company in your area that offers transformer recycling services to speak to a representative.