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3 Questions an LPG Storage Tank Manufacturer Will Ask

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LPG storage tanks are used to store liquefied petroleum gas. The most common type of LPG is propane, but also includes butane, isobutylene, ethylene, butylene, and propylene. If your company uses any of these gases, you store them in a tank. While an LPG storage tank lasts for decades, there will come a point where the tank will need to be replaced. That is where an LPG storage tank manufacturer comes in. They can construct a new tank for your company.

Here are three questions to consider if you are looking to get an LPG storage tank. 

What Size LPG Storage Tank Do You Need? 

An LPG storage tank comes in many different sizes. Ask suppliers about their stock sizes. Luckily, you can create a custom size that is smaller or larger to fit the amount of gas your company typically stores. If you are meeting with a tank manufacturer, you will want to have an idea of what size tank you need to be manufactured for your company. 

What Type of Material Do You Want to Use? 

Another important question that an LPG storage tank manufacturer may ask you is what type of material do you want your tank composed from. Most LPG storage tanks are made from carbon steel. But, there are three different subgroups of carbon steel. The type of carbon steel you will want to select from will vary based on the type of gas you are storing and the particular conditions that the tank will be exposed to, such as temperature, humidity, and moisture. 

What Custom Features Are You Looking For? 

The last question that you should be prepared to answer when meeting with an LPG storage tank manufacturer is what types of custom features you are looking for on your tank. Some of the most common custom features include post-weld heat treating for added strength or custom nozzle configuration so the tank works with the types and sizes of hoses that you already own. Mounting options can also be customized, which affects how and where a tank can be installed. 

Unless you have worked with an LPG storage tank manufacturing company before, you likely do not realize how many choices you have when it comes to making an LPG storage tank. Learning about the questions you will be asked and the way a tank can be customized can help you create a functional tank to hold your liquefied petroleum gas, but also create a tank that functions perfectly for the type of business you have.