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Three Reasons Why You Cannot Perform Your Own Air Compressor Tank Repair

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Air compressors are highly technical objects, despite the simplicity of their appearance and their ease of use. The tank in itself is an engineering marvel, since it has to contain the building air pressure from within and not rupture or explode. In fact, you would not want to perform your own air compressor repairs on the tank, or even create your own tank, and here are some valid reasons why.

The Tank Would Be Compromised and Fail

If a repair has to be made to the tank, it may be best just to dispose of the tank part of the compressor completely. The issue is that, when the tank has a hole, it is already compromised, and the integrity of the layers of metal inside the tank cannot continue to function as they should. Even the best patch job in the world can fix the tank's internal damage, which would affect the air pressure quality and possibly cause the tank to fail.

The Tank Would Have a Weak Spot That Could Blow Out

Not knowing that an air pressure tank has layers of steel, your patch would only be covering the outermost layer. The space inside the tank would suddenly increase because there is still a missing internal layer (or layers) of metal. This was already a weak spot before your DIY attempts to repair the hole, but now it may just be weakened enough to blow your patch right off the area you were trying to repair. If you understand that a bullet is projectile under pressure, then you understand the dangers of a DIY patch job over a hole on an air compressor. It could come popping off and shooting straight for anyone within range, having potentially lethal effects.

Why Creating Your Own Tank from Scrap Is Equally Bad

For these same reasons, creating your own air pressure tank from scrap metals is an equally bad idea. It only takes one weak spot in your welding of metal plates to cause an explosion and a nasty accident. While it is laudable that you would want to reuse metals to create something useful, this is not the type of thing you want to construct. The intense amounts of pressure experienced by the tank from within would be constant, and not taking that into consideration while constructing a tank is a recipe for disaster. Unless you are a structural engineer who knows exactly how to safely construct your own air pressure tank from scrap metal, do not do it. Go buy a replacement air compressor tank instead.

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