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Three Ways You Can Utilize Scrap Metal Recycling In Your Factory And Make Some Money

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Scrap metal recycling is hardly new. Finding new ways to recycle that metal and still make it useful is.  Here are three uses for scrap metal that allow you to recycle it and make some money.

Sell Your Scrap Metal Recycling to Artists and Art Students

Believe it or not, metalworking is an art form, and artists will buy your scrap metal by the pound. You may even offer pounds of scrap metal to high schools and colleges, if they offer a metalworking art class to their students. A lot of the metals college art students use anyway is recycled scrap from previously used bits of fresh metal bought just for their projects. Art studios and artists who have contracts with the city to create metal sculptures often reuse scrap metal too. As long as you are willing to sell the scrap at the current going rate for recycled metal, you are sure to sell some of it this way.

Build a Refinery and Mini-Metal Recycling Addition

If your industry and work site does not already have a refinery and/or mini-metal recycling wing, you may want to create that addition on site. This eliminates the problem of hiring a scrap metal recycling truck to come and pick up all of your factory's scrap and haul it way to be recycled. You would save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year in costs associated with shipping out scrap metal. Additional monies are saved from recycling and refining metal on site because your plant is not constantly buying all fresh metal sheets and extruded metal parts. (Eventually the cost of the addition is exceeded by the money saved, in case you might be dissuaded against building such an addition onto your company's factory.)

Sell the Scrap Metal to Other Factories That Can Use It

The old adage, "One man's junk is another man's treasure" certainly applies to scrap metal. There are so many industrial and manufacturing plants across the country who need more metal and metal parts or components, and you might have exactly what they need. By selling your scrap metal to other plants and factories, you make money while they get the metals and metal parts at a discount. If they were to buy the scrap from a recycling business, they might pay more. You are cutting out the middle man making the sales directly to the businesses that need the scrap- it is a win-win situation.

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