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5 Tips To Prevent Fires In Your Industrial Setting

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Fires in your industrial setting can be devastating. Not only can even the smallest fire cause injury -- or worse -- to your employees, but it can also cause extensive and expensive damage to your pricey equipment. Luckily, following a few safety tips can help greatly reduce the chance of fire in your manufacturing plant:

1. Install a Fire Suppression System

A fire suppression system is a necessity in any industrial setting. Basically, these systems typically include smoke and fire detectors and a sprinkler system, which is designed to turn on immediately after a fire breaks out. By installing a good fire suppression system and keeping it inspected and properly maintained, you can greatly reduce the chance of a major fire causing injury or destruction in your factory.

2. Keep Fire Extinguishers Throughout the Factory

There are probably local laws regarding the number of fire extinguishers that are supposed to be on hand in your factory, but it's smart to invest in even more fire extinguishers for maximum safety. Keep them within reach of every employee, and consider keeping multiple fire extinguishers at each work station. In the event that something does happen, you can never have too many fire extinguishers, and you don't want your employees to be fighting over the same ones.

3. Host a Training Session and Frequent Fire Drills

Don't assume that your employees will know how to handle a fire in your factory. It can be easy for employees to panic in these types of situations, so it can be a smart idea to host regular training sessions to ensure that everyone knows what to do. It's also a good idea to have frequent fire drills so that your employees can practice the proper way of handling these situations.

4. Replace Building Materials

Things like metal roofing and other metal building materials can be fire resistant. Although you might not want to swap out everything right now, it's a good idea to phase out more dangerous building materials for those that are resistant against fires. This can help cut down on the risk of fires starting or spreading and can help keep everyone safe.

5. Hire a Fire Prevention Service

A good fire prevention service specializes in cutting down on the risk of fires by keeping the outdoor grounds cleaned up and making suggestions to preventing fires. Hiring one of these companies can help take the stress off of you and your company while ensuring that there's less of a chance of fire.

Preventing fires in an industrial setting is important. To help keep your employees safe and to avoid costly damage to your equipment, follow these five tips.

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