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3 Things That Contaminate Your Compressed Air Filter

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Any compressed air filter can become contaminated and blocked by things in the air. It is important that you know what these things are so that you can understand why it is important that your compressed air filter not be blocked by such things.

Here are the top three things that contaminate compressed air filters:

  1. Solid Particles: Solid particles include dust and rusted pipes that can chip and get caught in the air filter. This can easily cause the air system to malfunction and fail. Dust and other solid particles in the filter will require for the filter to be replaced and you will have to replace rusted pipes to prevent the filter from easily becoming blocked again in the future.
  2. Condensed Water: Condensed water can also block the air filter. Condensed air is caused by humidity in the air, which in turn can rust pipes in the system and ruin any paint work around the system, as well. To keep condensed water out of the filter and to prevent pipes from easily rusting, you will need to replace the air filter. If humity is a constant problem, then you should consider a humidifer purchase so that you can reduce the amount of humidty in the air of your home.
  3. Oil: Oil vapors in the air is bad for the air filter because it blocks air flow. Plus, having oil vapors in the air anyway is a health hazard. Oil vapors happen typically when oils are used to cook. Unfortunately this cannot easily be eliminated. However, you can be sure that your overhead fan is on over the stove to help get rid of the oil vapors in the air.

Although these contaminates will not immediately cause the air system to malfunction, over time it can definitely do damage if the air filter is not replaced. It is recommended that you replace the filter every once in a while and with the air filter that is recommended for your type of system. The replacement time for air filters also depends on your specific air system type.

By replacing the air filter in your air system, you can save on energy costs and ensure that your air system lasts much longer. Plus, you can on maintenance costs, as well. If the air filter is not replaced regularly, then other problems will occur, such as the rusted pipes that will need to be replaced.

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